Should you use a Shave Cream or Shave Gel?

Sharpen up boys! Bin the disposables and rusty blades. In this guide we show you our top 3 tips to make your razor last longer.

Prepare Your Face

We can’t say it enough, cleansing is key. Not only for preparing your skin for your razor but preparing your razor for your skin. Your bristles can be hard and wear down the blades on your razor faster than you may think. Washing your face in warm water will soften your tougher hairs, reducing the chance of blunting your blade faster and creating a swift razor glide. We recommend using a Face Wash to cleanse or Face Scrub to exfoliate your skin, this step will remove impurities by lifting the hairs and getting to the places water alone won’t reach. This also reduces the risk of a post-shave irritation rash.

Be Diligent

Clean your razor thoroughly during and after your shave. Razors of any calibre can often get clogged with hard, little hairs. Make sure you completely soak the front and the back of the razor with warm water after every stroke and remove all hair. Remember, when it’s all dandy and clean, dry it. Simply use a dry towel and pat until sufficiently dry otherwise moisture will linger and rust your blade causing the majority of damage to your steel.

Give It A Rest…

Let your razor have a little break, you can use the best products in the world but a blunt razor can be the cause of irritation, razor burn, snagged hair and an uneven finish. Subsequently, your skin gets a rest too; this rule can also be applied to everyone but especially those who suffer from a case of sensitive skin. Shaving can be harsh on sensitive skin, giving hair time to grow will allow for a closer shave and reduce the possibility of an adverse reaction, such as a post-shave rash.

– PS, Know When To Let Go

After all of these tips and tricks, one day your blade will be blunt. Swapping your razors can be an expensive chore. We suggest looking into the boys at The Sterling Shave Club. They run a monthly or bi-monthly service for subscription DE razor’s and more for as little as £6.99.

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